Chicago Roof Replacement

Chicago Roof Replacement

This confuses many people as they tend to think they are the same thing. They are similar to a certain extent, yet one is more involved than the other, and a lot of it depends on the type of roof you have already.

We have experience in both types and has professionals available who can assess your property and advise what your best options are, as one method comes in a lot less than the cost to replace the roof.

Many websites from roofing contractors, will include a roof replacement calculator. These can be okay for a stab in the dark figure, yet as a professional company, we would prefer to visit your premises in Chicago. Our expert roofers spend a few minutes, and not just give you a quote for a roof replacement, but we will tell you the parts of a roof that need the most attention.

Comparison of Re-Roofing Vs. Roof Replacement

Chicago Roofing carries out inspections all the time, and our professionals know instantly what can cause problems and what the remedy will be.

We run through a roof maintenance checklist which means we never miss a thing. Our roofing inspection services are some of the top ones in Chicago.

Part of our roof checklist:

  1. Check shingle and tile roofing overhang by the gutters and eaves
  2. Check and calculate attic ventilation
  3. Inspect all attic intakes for blockages
  4. Check roof insulation for correct R-Value
  5. Check seals around storm collars on pipes
  6. Check for cracks and determination in valleys
  7. Check for missing shingle covering
  8. Check flashings by all walls.
  9. Check loose shingles and tiles

Inspect shingles and tiles to prevent wind damage.

Chicago Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement in Chicago

Residential roof replacement is the more expensive of the two options, yet for the outer layer, your roof materials will have pretty much the same cost. It will be the labor, and also any water damaged wood where the expense will come in and the fact your old roof has to be removed.

If you have leaked, you might find that getting a roof replacement quote and finding out the cost to replace a roof, is your only option.

Once our skilled roofers have surveyed your property, they will tell you the parts of the roof that are in need of replacing. The shingles will all go, but it is the wood underneath that can dramatically change the situation.

Although Chicago might have less rainfall than many states, other problems can creep in, that will lead you to need either of the above. Extensive heat can affect older shingles which makes then brittle and crack. This not only makes them susceptible to leakage when it does rain, but they are also weaker when there are high winds, and they have more opportunity to be pulled away from your roof.

We are more than happy to give you a free roof quote for both options. An online calculator can only help so far, and they will not help with areas under your roof that require attention, or they cannot offer you the best affordable rates. All these calculators can do is give roof replacement cost estimates that mean nothing.

Cut out all the guesswork and let Chicago Roofing, give you a real Chicago roof replacement cost, and not a figure that is pulled out of thin air.

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