Chicago Roof Inspection

Chicago Roof Inspection

There will be a few reasons why you could require a roof inspection. When you need this, you will need the assistance of professionals as it is not as simple as seeing if anything has moved or you can see what appears to be a hole.

There is also the safety element to consider. Flat roof inspections are pretty safe as it is a simple as walking on the roof, yet having roof inspection services on a sloped shingle roof system is a different ballgame altogether.

My Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

Chicago Roofing carries out inspections all the time, and our professionals know instantly what can cause problems and what the remedy will be.

We run through a roof maintenance checklist which means we never miss a thing. Our roofing inspection services are some of the top ones in Las Vegas.

Part of our roof checklist:

  • Check shingle and tile roofing overhang by the gutters and eaves
  • Check and calculate attic ventilation
  • Inspect all attic intakes for blockages
  • Check roof insulation for correct R-Value
  • Check seals around storm collars on pipes
  • Check for cracks and determination in valleys
  • Check for missing shingle covering
  • Check flashings by all walls.
  • Check loose shingles and tiles

Inspect shingles and tiles to prevent wind damage.

Results of a Chicago Roof Inspection

Chicago IL Roof Repair

Once our professionals have checked all of your roof systems, they will make a full report of their findings, and give details on what work needs to be done (if any).

No matter what the findings, our professionals can fix your problem. If you have a flat roof system, or a metal roof system, it is all the same. All around Chicago, our roofers carry out roof system repairs on a daily basis.

We also make sure, you are aware of the cost. Many roofing companies would explain the work, and fix the problem right there and then. Once you see the final statement, it can be way more than you expect.

We give affordable services and have full respect for your property. As a professional company, we make sure you are happy with the result of our roof inspections, and you are satisfied with the budget-friendly roofing services we offer.

From a quick call, you can schedule a Chicago roof inspection service, so no matter where you are, or what your reason. From a landlord, a home seller or business. Make sure you have a quality roof inspection before any harsh weather arrives to surprise you.

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